Friday, October 19, 2007

Missing Her More Than Ever

My wife informed me that she'll be staying on for another week, most likely. It came as an answer to her prayers and how can you argue with God, right? Well I certainly won't.

Ever read something and just know a big "but" is coming? Well here it is.

While I won't argue, I will say this: I desperately miss my beloved. Separation is always tough on us and while she's commiserating with her family having next to no fun at all, I miss being able to comfort her and her me. Having the kids on my own, burdening their activities alone, and working on top of all that (in 3 time zones no less) is quite a drain.

I try not to complain but it's not too easy on this end as well. It's not so much the amount of work to be done as it is not having any reprieve and no one to truly lean on when the day is done.

But what is another week, right? It'll go by quickly. And then the next week. And hopefully she be home before my birthday. But if she's not, I'm sure the funny farm has Internet connectivity from within their padded walls for me to continue posting daily. The introspective time alone will probably do me good.

Now seriously, it's not at all that bad. But if it ever does become such, I know I have great friends here that are more than willing to help.

So here's to my loneliness.
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