Friday, October 19, 2007

Well Done American Strikers

I just had to post and brag on my oldest son's team. After a very sluggish start to the season, it looks like we're finally starting to pull it together. We played the #3 team last night (though I thought it was the #2 and told my boys that) and led the whole game. We ended up in a tie, 2-2, but the score doesn't describe how well my boys played.

We went out strong and put the pressure on the other team the whole game. Our defense was nearly flawless and our team work was incredible. We were actually passing, not just kicking and running. We were finding holes to shoot the ball into. We took time to look for players that were open. We didn't have one hole, or weak spot on the field. Our goalie came up big on many plays and was truly the game saver. Even the other coach complimented his efforts.

There was so much positive energy at the end of the game. Even though it ended in a draw, it felt more like win for us and the parents were just as enthusiastic for the boys. It always feels good ending a game with such high spirits.

So I just wanted to post and let the team know that I was so pleased with their efforts. I also looked at our standings and if we take 2 more wins it's possible to end up in 3rd place. Go Strikers!
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