Monday, February 04, 2008

Eating Healthy?

Have you ever tried a diet or healthy regiment that you were completely skeptical about? Did it seem like you were just punishing yourself with just cause and you were unsure of the results? Well, I'm trying a diet that I am slightly skeptical of but willing to try for my wife's sake. I am not dieting to lose weight, though if that occurs I'll not be disappointed. I am trying this particular diet as a healthier alternative to the crappy way we've been eating. The results of the diet are supposed to include the following:
--improved health
--carcinogen fighting energy
--weight loss
--stop dependency on medications

I am sure there are others as well. My personal need for this diet is more on the healthy end rather than fighting cancer or reducing dependencies (used to be reducingdencies :) ) upon medications. But my biggest motivator is supporting my beloved wife. I want her to succeed in whatever endeavor she may embark in and if it means drinking nasty green drinks made from kaihle (so)? then I am in.
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