Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jealous? Not Me

I'm not really the jealous type and never have been. I'm confident in my relationship with my wife as we affirm our affection and love for each other daily through word and deed. That being said, it is a little alarming to find questionable google search entries on the computer just after your wife had used it.

Last night I came home and my wife left for an evening with her friends. I sat down to catch up on some e-mail and research and so naturally came to the browser to find a google search and result on the browser window. The search was "how to date an older guy" and what was worse were there were obvious result links that were marked as having visited them. Whoa! The full weight of this hit me like a ton of bricks. My first instinct was to give in to jealousy and go through the self degrading questions of "why me," or "how could I have let this happen." With some consolation I told myself that, "hey, I am an older man by 9 months," but that just didn't seem to pacify me.

Then I noticed another tab (Firefox browser) on the window with her research topics/titles for work and as I scrolled through the list I found one topic was "how to date an older guy." How silly did I feel.

We had a good laugh about it this morning. The funny thing about this event is I really didn't feel jealous, just confused for a few moments until logic helped me through what I already knew. My wife is as faithful and loyal to me as I am to her. How nice it is to be in that situation.
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