Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Time Management: It's Crunch Time

Time management has always been a struggle for me and now with many things encroaching upon my time it seems so much more important to properly govern the way I spend time and evaluate what is truly important. From church callings to soccer teams, from board meetings to frantic work schedules it seems as though many things are pulling me in different directions. But what really matters the most to me?

The thing that matters the most to me is the family. I want to spend 100% of my time with them yet cannot as I have to support them monetarily which requires a job. For me, work takes up about 60% of my day on a normal routine work day. Then I pile on soccer practice which takes up another 20% of my time a couple of days a week. Add to that my church calling which on Sunday is most of the day and on Wed a couple of hours, not to mention the endless amount of weekly e-mail chatter and phone calls. Board meetings and planning/organizing seems to encroach into my time leaving just an hour or so each night with my family.

If I want to spend so much time with my family why are these other things a distraction? The church calling is understandable and manageable so long as I work to keep balance among other interests and responsibilities. But soccer can be so overwhelming. My wife has already commented, prior to the first practice of the outdoor season, how anxious she is for it to be over. We've been at this since August and I can see how it can easily get away from me. The key is balance and time management. If I neglect any portion of my family then things become off balanced. The things that need to give are not my family but soccer. This I recognize and must work hard at balancing that time.

So here at the start of the season, my #1 goal is not to be consumed with the time spent in soccer, but to truly working on building up the family and spending quality and quantity time with them.
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