Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spiritual Outpouring vs. Spiritual Dearth

Have you ever experience a true outpouring of the Spirit of God such that you cannot deny His existence or His majesty? Has your heart been turned to the God that welcomes you always and desires you to be closer to Him? Has this reflected a change in your attitude and behavior? If you experienced this change of heart once or several times, do you feel that same motivation to adhere to his command to "come follow me" and truly walk in His righteous footsteps?

For some readers, this may sound like Alma's preaching in the Book of Mormon. For me, this is a daily question I need to ask myself.

Recently our congregation had what is called a "ward conference" where we receive instruction for our Stake leaders (a Stake is a governing body just above the congregation which is called a ward). A statement was made to the effect of questioning the spiritual outpouring of our meetings and whether it was where it should be. With so many great things happening in our congregation and our needs covered from the great blessings of the Lord, having a constant spiritual downpour is questionable, rightly so.

I've noticed that typically one is overcome with the Spirit through trials, humility and praise. When everything is going well, blessings are being received and acknowledged, some can back away from the Spirit or become less attuned to it. But this is the time that we need God the most. He's already led us into prosperity spiritually and many times temporally. Why backslide? Why give the adversary any chance to invade our fortress of righteousness?

At the end of our worship services, a follow up comment was made to the effect that the Spirit was manifest in the meetings and we should ignore the inference to the contrary. Even still, I would like to carry on personally and check myself every day to make sure I'm doing all I can to keep close to Him and have His Spirit with me.
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