Saturday, February 09, 2008

Look Who Got a Puppy!!!

My wife is such a tenderheart. I get this call from the woman that was out on a washing machine repair run stating that she had something on her lap and to guess what it could possibly be. With the little girlish giggle that I so dearly gush over she convinced me of the absolute adorability of the 6-week old chocolate lab on her lap. How can a good husband and loving father of 4 turn down the opportunity to bring a bundle of joy into the home, again.

I've never had a puppy before. Our Lucky was 2-4 years old when we got him. I've never experienced the joys and disappointments and frustrations and exhilarating highs of a puppy. Now is my time to experience it.

I must admit that I was quite anxious for the arrival of the pup and even called my wife to see why it was taking her so long to get home. I had the kids do some last minute clean up to make sure no chewable items were left out. I did not tell them what was coming other than their mother was bringing home a "little Valentine's chocolate."

We've been so enraptured with the little girl puppy that there is little else to think about right now. Here are the pics and I'm sure we'll have more coming in the days and years to come. Enjoy!

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