Friday, February 29, 2008

Men's Indoor Soccer Update

Well, last season ended well but not perfect, losing to the #1 team in the finals. I guess that would be appropriate since they beat us 2 times during the regular season. The game was close and helped give our team confidence that we can run with this team.

This season started off with a beating our first game, losing 3-10. I was able to score, the first to do so on our team. But as you can see from the score, we just didn't have shooters and were mostly playing defense.

A couple of nights ago we played our second game and waltzed over the other team 12-3. Nice reversal of scores. This time our big guns were there and I loved playing the supporting role for them.

In the first 20 seconds of the game I was able to dribble deep into the opponents territory, give a heel pass to our lead scorer which he used to one touch an easy, unsuspecting goal. 1 minute later he returned the favor with a pass to me and an easy goal. And so the game went for 40 minutes. In the final 20 seconds I received a ball from another great player on our team as he battled it out with the opposing goalie. A little chip shot up and over and a one touch to the back of the net put us up 12-3.

It feels really good to contribute to the team. My footwork is getting better. My balance is better. My speed is improving. My stamina is up. And finally, after a year of therapy and training, my knee doesn't hurt. It's not where it needs to be just yet but it's getting there. I still play with a leg brace during the games but I'm hoping that I'll drop it in 6 months.

Hopefully the rest of the season will be just as fortuitous and we'll come away with another winning season.
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