Friday, December 19, 2008

Intro to Chairman & CEO Leaves Impression

Last night was our company's Holiday party (I'll choose to believe it was a Christmas party whether it was labeled that way or not). We had visiting dignitaries from the "ivory towers" of headquarters (HQ) and among them was our Chairman of the Board and our CEO. Very personable individuals, fun loving and approachable. As I'm new to the company and will likely be visiting HQ next month, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself to the both of them.

With wife in tow (she's really my strength and it was wonderful having her there), I confidently approached the men, both engaged in conversation with a local owner of the company, and politely interrupted, introduced myself and thanked them for the opportunity to work for the company. My confidence was growing until I was asked which group I work for and I stumbled in my response with "I'm a team lead for the...PSP, er uh, ESP department." The CEO picked up on the slip of the acronym and pointed out the Chairman that it was quite obvious how I had just spent my last 2 weeks, playing video games on the PSP.

With my tail between my legs, communication ego a bit bruised (not really), and my wife choking back the snorts as we made our way to the exit for the evening, I reflected that while I had slipped in my speech, the introduction likely left an impression on the two men. Whether it was good or bad, time will tell. But left it I did.
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