Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blessed Beyond What's Deserved

It's not really fair to compare and certainly not acceptable to judge one's circumstance with others and likewise ill advised to discern what is deserved for one's self. That said, taking stock of with what one has been blessed is always a righteous endeavor and this early morning I wish to express my gratitude for blessings I so richly enjoy.

My relationship with God pops to the top as without Him I am nothing and my life is shallow and meaningless. He lifts my spirit, sanctifies me and enables me to experience a fulfilling joy on a deeper level that transcends earthly pleasures and mortal happiness. He is my exemplar, my King, my all.

In His goodness, He has blessed me with a loving wife for whom I only hope to daily be worthy to serve, love and honor. R is the yin to my yang, the day to my night, in short, my complimentary aspect in life. While we're not complete opposite, in fact more equal than not, she fills in my incomplete characteristics and joins her strengths to my weaknesses in making a wonderful and blessed union of our souls.

Through these two great blessings above, my children have been realized and add joy to my life. Four wonderful and unique souls in which I've been blessed to not only sire, but to cherish, help raise, teach, mold and love. Their personal, positive growth is my duty and taking part in the experience with my loving wife inspires me to be a better individual.

Other blessings I feel privileged to enjoy, especially at this time of economic turmoil, include a wonder new job with opportunities for growth and development, a faith and fellowship in Christ's Church, friends and family that support my endeavors, a home that is more than comfortable, zero debt beyond the mortgage (and we're working on eliminating that as well), good health (did I mention running 4+ miles this morning? ), a sharp mind, and a cute puppy. There are plenty more but who needs to listen to my gushing about my blessings.

What tops your list of blessings?
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