Thursday, December 04, 2008

Layoffs Stun Co-Workers But Flood Recruiter With Options

With most issues in life there are usually two sides to a story. Black vs. white. Right vs. wrong. Heads vs. tails. You get the picture. Layoffs can likewise be thought of in a similar vein.

While it stinks to be laid off and you may think with it comes the heavy stigma of reporting in your career that you were laid off, there is certainly another side to the tail. Recently, as in yesterday, the first round of layoffs stunned many co-workers. Some saw it coming and braced for the impact while others were blindsided. My post is not to argue the swiftness and ferocity with which the event occurred, but to give hope to those that were let go.

Even before the news broke, I had several people approach me with serious hopes of finding solace in my network of recruiters and employment opportunities. Some have been laid off and others feel a sting in their current career and like me are looking for a change. In the last 36 hours I believe I've referred close to 10 individuals to the recruiter that sought me out in hopes of finding a good match for each individual.

With the downturn of a layoff comes the brilliant hope and excitement of finding something new and stimulating that can reinvigorate one's career. I believe networking is key in quickly finding good employment but with whichever best working strategy take care and enjoy the journey. Through interviews you can gain precious insight into the foibles you possess as well as your greatest strengths. You may meet individuals with whom you'll have lasting relationships or receive/give meaningful help. You may be pushed beyond what you felt you were capable of enduring and when you come through on the other end you'll rejoice in the truth that you were strong enough to endure.

While layoffs are never agreeable for the individual, it can be that life changing experience that turns blah into yahoo! Having employment issues and looking for a change? What steps are you taking to meet that need inside of you?

Btw, my new place of employment is hiring. If you're interested, I'll hook you up with the right people. Drop me a note.
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