Thursday, November 29, 2007

Back on the Pitch!

After a very long 11 months of not playing soccer, I made my debut back on the pitch (for those Americans, translation: soccer field) last night in an indoor competitive match with my team the "Storm." I play on an over 30 men's team and while the results were less than thrilling (4-8 loss) I was very excited to be back on the field again.

Some may know from reading this blog that last year, just 3 games into the season, I blew my knee out and had to have it scoped and cut for a ligament to be reattached. It's been a slow and quite painful process to return to the sport I enjoy. Therapy, training, surgery, restless sleep, mild anxiety: all results of the one injury.

At the time of the injury I really doubted that I'd return to the pitch as I lacked the confidence to do it all again just for the enjoyment of the game. It had taken 20 years to return to the sport and I wondered if it was worth it. But coaching through the spring and fall outdoor seasons helped me to realize I thoroughly enjoy the game and the thrill of the competition. All of this overpowered the negatives and I found myself back out there last night.

I can say honestly that I didn't give it 100%, more like 75% on the field. I wanted to feel it out and make sure my knee was stable. I can still tell that the knee is weak and I have difficulty spinning, pivoting and sprinting but all of that will come with time and confidence. I did make one good contribution my first set on the field: a one touch setup pass to assist on a one touch goal. Beautifully played and executed. Not much more excitement for me. A little banging on the boards and some stopped balls but no shots on goal (just didn't have the opportunity).

Glad to be back. For those that have prayed for my well-being, thank you so much. It truly has helped. I encourage you to continue as I want to continue this season injury free.
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