Sunday, November 04, 2007

Spirit Confirms

This weekend our church underwent a re-organization of leadership at the level just above the local congregation, called the Stake. Our former Stake President had served in that position for 9 years and once previously for 5 years. We had a visitor, holding the sacred Priesthood keys to conduct the re-organization and calling of the new Stake President, preside over the conference and I was more intimately aware, through associations with those involved, of how this transition and selection occurs.

In today's meeting, the new leadership was announced and sustained, or ratified by membership vote in the unanimous, which was nothing new to a long standing member of our church. But the visiting authority, a Seventy, explained a little further as to what transpired in the selection and calling of the new President.

To illustrate the unique calling of the President, he contrasted the situation with that of the selection of a new CEO for a corporation. In order to find a new CEO, a search committee is usually formed, resumes submitted and reviewed over a period of months, meetings held, interviews conducted and countless hours of review given. Once a short list is formed of candidates, additional interviews are given until the board can select a proper CEO from among the candidates. In contrast, the selection of a Stake President is as follows: 5 minute interviews with prospective candidates (current Stake Presidency counselors, high counselors, Bishops initially) whereby the Spirit of God dictates to those holding the keys of calling the new President which of the individuals is chosen. A calling is extended, counselors selected and then they move on. How efficient is the Lord. It's also interesting to note that while a CEO has the charge of financial affairs and the success at delivering a return on investment to share holders, a Stake President has the salvation of the souls of men resting (or wresting in some cases) upon his shoulders, making sure each individual within the boundaries of the stake is cared for, the stake running efficiently and growing. The return on that type of investment cannot be quantified monetarily but qualitatively through blessings.

What I loved the most about this morning's conference was the personal confirmation of the calling of these great men with whom I had the privilege of serving. The Spirit literally burned within me as the names were announced and I knew that the callings were from God. How nice it is to not doubt, but to know through spiritual means that something is right. I'll never have to question but merely sustain and support from here on out.
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