Monday, November 05, 2007

Poll: Americans split on Iran

What ever happened to the peaceful world we used to live in? Oh, I guess we never really did, at least not in the last couple hundred years. To state that the Americans (we must observe this to mean U.S Americans) are split on whether to use force or diplomatic solutions and whether they feel Bush is inept must have been a rhetorical question. Read the link to see the poll.I'm not stating that I feel Bush is inept. To the contrary. He got elected somehow. And under the duress of the current state of the world, I'm not sure we would have had a stronger less aggressive leader. What I was humored by the article was how an official poll stated that the U.S. people have basically lost their confidence in him, more than prior to Nixon's impeachment. And whether we should apply force to Iran to counter their production of nuclear arms, isn't that a "duh" type of question? What I don't want to see is an occupation force entering that part of the world again in hopes of democratizing the land. I don't think it will work.Let God sort it all out, let the politician order lobby for a greener earth while the militarists protect the home front and secure our way of life. Yep, I'm spoiled and self-centered and I really don't believe we're going to achieve "peace in the Middle East" until Jehovah Himself brings it personally, and by that point, it's really too late.

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