Monday, November 19, 2007

Off for the Week, Well, Almost

I'm taking the week off, relaxing a bit and enjoying time with the family (read crank through the honey-do-list and exhaust myself into relaxation, unconscious style). The relaxation should have began last Friday as I left work, however, the nagging final item of work business has kept me sleeping little and up early this morning. I have a demo this morning as there was no time last Thursday and I was in training on Friday. So on my first day off I have a demonstration to give to staff in Buenos Aires. I'm not complaining about work; I rather like my job. But time off is time off, not time off until something comes up.

To be perfectly honest, the scheduling of the demo is my own doing. I knew that it would be difficult to do last week and as the team is on a tight deadline I knew I could sacrifice a little. Honestly it's not a huge deal from my end and the demo is quite simplistic.

Something that does bug me a little about the situation, however, is I feel like I'm assimilating into just another one of the robots at work that consistently sacrifices their own time off for the "benefit of the company." I've noticed that most of my managers rarely take time off while distancing themselves completely from work. They usually call into conference calls, take emergency e-mails and calls and are generally pulled back into work somehow. It's rare that they actually get personal time off. Is this just the beginning of my demise on time off? Could I actually get to a point where I'm so connected to work that I'd sacrifice vacation time for conference calls? Sure hope not.

Yet I digress and hurriedly dial into the bridgeline to begin my demo.
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