Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Yepper, it's Turkey Day and we've got a full lineup of events.

My oldest boy and I spent the near-freezing morning waiting for our 5K to start. It was the 3rd annual Turkey Trot and our family has participated in all 3 events with the inaugural run having been championed by my wife and my son and I participated in the last 2. Unfortunately this year we had a slight "wardrobe malfunction" at the beginning of the race and he had to adjust his knee brace. It cost us a full minute or more of initial delay. We still achieved 27min 04 sec and 27 min 44 sec on our runs. The first place runner in my sons 13 and under age category came in at around 26 min 12 sec so given our initial delay we may have finished at a decent time. Despite not placing, the run was good. Very chilly. A mere 39 degrees but with the wind chill it felt like 29 degrees. My son was in very good spirits and was excited to go participate in the annual Turkey Bowl flag football game.

We returned home and picked up our younger son. While my oldest was getting ready he unfortunatley re-twisted his ankle and decided it wasn't a good idea to play football today. I took my youngest son and he played for a while with the big adults. After receiving no passes and grabbing zero flags I pulled him out. An hour later we were at home in front of a warm cozy fire lit by my toasty wife.

My wife has been baking for the last couple of days, from pies to rolls. This morning was no different. She did take the time, though, to bundle the babes and cheer my son and me on at the race. That was very considerate as it was very frigid.

We're heading over to our friends home in just a little while to have Thanksgiving dinner. We've been invited for the last 3 years and its always so kind of them. Last year our oldest daughter got sick and we missed the dinner. This year our youngest has seemed a bit off and not looking all too healthy but we're likely chancing it anyway and going. Hopefully he'll keep his cookies down.

On Thanksgiving, despite all of the activities, there is so much to be thankful for. We have a land of freedom, a warm home, clothes to cover us, a great job. I have a loving family, 4 great children of whom I'm boastfully proud of and a loving wife that supports me through manic times of bliss and moments of self deprecation. I know that God loves me despite all of my faults and He's always willing to help me change and forgive me. I have parents that have raised me well and provided well for my existence, offering me a wonderful education, a spiritual foundation and life. I have friends that support me and keep life interesting.

These are just the high points. In each one there is so much to drill down to and discover specifically how blessed I truly am. What am I thankful for? Plenty to mention. The toppers are definitely my faith and my family. Without these life would hold little value for me. If I were to lose my family, though devastating it would be, my faith would somehow sustain me as in God all thing are possible.

So to those out there that feel they have nothing or nothing to be grateful for, think of a loving Father that will always accept and love you. There is always something in which to be grateful.
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