Friday, August 31, 2007

Been a Bit Busy

Hmm, life just seems to be a bit hectic at the moment. Not posted anything for a whole week is probably a good indicator that too much is going on in my life.

Let me catalog the top time takers:

  • Working 3 different timezones/continents on a single project for work

  • Coaching 3 soccer teams

  • Serving on the Board of Directors for the Soccer Club and working through season scheduling, registration, and team build out conflicts

  • Church has a backlog of items that need immediate attention

  • School just started for the kiddos

  • Wife's mom is dying

  • Trying to be a decent husband and father

  • I'm sure there are others but those are the biggies. I'm sure I'll get into a routine of posting regularly but I'm still trying to find time to exercise, let around blog.
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