Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 3: Hamburg

Well, the trip is just about complete. And grateful much has been accomplished to mark the trip as a success. The team here is clear what their responsibility is, is clear as to what will be developed and how to achieve it. The project is being mapped out effectively and they've even begun some work, achieving a spike (just a little one) on the project today with successful minor implementation. Ya, das ist gut!

Having had little sleep this morning, I work up, showered and ate in the hotel restaurant. Didn't have much time to waste and I got to work...early. I was the first one in the office. We ate at the same fast food joint where I had duner, the same as yesterday. Worked out some design details with Buenos Aires and ended the day by going sight seeing, just for an hour.

After the quick tour of downtown and the shopping district, we made our way to the Reeperbahn, where one of the team members made a reservation for us to watch the Germany/England futbol match on a big projection screen. The match was thrilling, the food adequate (curry wurst with pomas fritas, er, french fries) and the company fun. These guys are very friendly and know how to relax, laugh and have fun.

I talked with my wife just a bit ago and it seems as though her dad is asking her to come home. Her mom is being brought home from the hospital. That sounds great and all but the reality is they're bringing her home to be comfortable and to pass on in a loving environment. Her aunt is moving in to help care for her mom and her dad is asking that she come home to help out. The difficulty with it all is our kids start school on Monday (or Tuesday, can't remember which), soccer gets started, piano gets started, and I don't get home until this Saturday. All around poor timing.

I guess our youngest son prayed for his grandma tonight asking the Lord to comfort her, to watch over her as she goes to the other side, asking that she'll reunited with her sisters, mother and father and just general sweet considerations that only a child can sincerely express. God bless him for his faith.

That's a wrap for tonight.
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