Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fat Brick, Flat Tire

Just as I was finally getting into work (around lunch time), a mysterious brick and companion brick decided to surf across the middle of a 6 lane thoroughfare and do a "brick-dance" (get it, break dance/brick dance) in the right side of my lane. As my vehicle is slightly on the low profile side, I wasn't sure if straddling the brick would give me sufficient clearance and rather than risk an injury to the undercarriage I decided, late, to swerve left as close as possible to the center island. At the point of intersection I regrettably heard a loud thud then a "pssssssstttttt" and I knew I'd blown the tire.

After riding on the rim into a safe area of the neighborhood (safe meaning out of traffic, not non-ghetto) and calling for AAA assistance, I began to replay the events in my head and talk them through with my oldest son (he was riding with me on the way to his friend's home). The brick, while good at surfing and dodging cars, seemingly originated from a home whose owners have been building a fence for the last year. It's an eye sore on the road and, as others have pointed out, would never have gone on this unfinished in a number of adjacent neighborhoods.

I can completely understand why the brick made the escape attempt. I mean realistically, if you've been neglected for more than a year, had your hopes of transcending from a lowly and lonely cinder-block (yes, it was that big) brick to a magnanimous completed fence, and have been idle in the heat, cold and heat with little indication that your station in life will ever change, wouldn't you bolt too? I know I would!

So, lesson learned: if you ever travel past a fence repair that has remained idle for more than, oh say a week, beware of freedom-searching, surfing, hope-driven bricks on a quest to unite themselves with proper owners and responsible fence builders. Also, break rather than swerve; sometimes it's just easier and less expensive.
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