Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bunk Beds, Desks and Travel Plans

Yesterday was a fairly common day with not too much out of the ordinary occurring in our family. Re-cap:

--My wife put together a set of bunk beds she purchased from Ikea
--My wife put together a desk set she purchased from Ikea
--I helped screw up the shelving alignment on the desk set which after a day of putting other items together did nothing to soothe my wife at the end of the day
--I finalized my travel plans to go to Hamburg

So all-in-all, a completely normal day :)

Truth is, I think the thought of me being gone yet again for a week is putting a little anxiety on my wife, more than I had first realized. My wife is a very supportive individual and doesn't always express her concerns up front until it's sometimes too late. Either that or I just don't see the subtle signs up front and recognize them at the last minute. The latter is probably more true than I wish to admit.

While a whole day of assembling furniture to some might seem like trivial tasks, doing so with 4 little children around pestering each other into fits and dealing with the upcoming loss of your companion for a week likely creates a frustrating emotional state. Then to have your husband go on about the upcoming travel and the night's bishopric meeting where again he'll be gone is just another reminder of the lone responsibilities placed upon her head.

Sounds like I need to step up a little and help her to have some alone time, or friend time (yeah, go W). I dearly love me wife and want her to feel empowered and healthy (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical). But I need to help and contribute directly to this in positive ways rather than constantly draining her.

So what is in store for today? Work friends from Argentina are coming over for BBQ and swimming. Translation: house work and cooking. I gotta help out! bye
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