Friday, March 21, 2008

Excercise: On-Going Challenge

Some would look at my daily routine as almost compulsive, excessive, just plain silly. I look at it as a way of life and a necessity to keep my spirit active and body healthy. From reading the scriptures, prayer and family time to exercising my body and eating right, my daily routine is working for me.

However, it doesn't come without sacrifice and earnest dedication. Getting up in the morning, especially when I've gone to bed late, can be a challenge. When it's chilly outside of the covers and a warm wife lays by my side, having the motivation to get up rather than snuggling in for a few extra comforting winks of lazy zzzz's is tempting. But when I do get up, what a rush.

Take for example this morning. After a good night's rest, I got up and immediately fixed the broken toilet in the master bath while my wife prepared herself and the puppy for a morning run. Some at this point would claim that fixing the toilet was enough exertion and call that exercise for the day. Not good enough for me. I performed my regular work out of 600 side steps (gets the blood flowing through my repairing knee), leg extensions, leg curl, squats (1/4 bend), bench press, bicep curl, tricep pulldown and lat pulldown. Yesterday I put in some elliptical and 1.25 mile treadmill just to get the heart up and working a little more and to sweat a little more.

Some days it's a little more difficult to overcome the lazy bone I have that is not so deep within me. But today it felt great as it does most days. On-going challenge? Certainly, but I'll take it!
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