Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow Day: Loss Tempered

God works is so different ways to ease the pains of His children and to answer their prayers. We've been praying for weeks to help us through the eventual loss of our beloved Lucky and to help us grief appropriately.

While we new yesterday would be difficult, we hoped the children would be able to cope appropriately. For 2 of the children, school was a sort of balm that allowed them to focus on something other than their grief. For the other two, grief was deep and apparent as they were present at the time we dropped our friend off at the vet for his humane euthanasia.

The weather, as is custom in North Texas, changed patterns early yesterday and decide to blow in a winter storm. The forecast was for rain much of the day with some mixed ice/snow blowing in later. But what we were blessed to experience was one of the biggest snow storms of our Texas life (4 years almost to the date).

With a roaring fire keeping those of us in the house nice and toasty, the rest played outside after school with friends and our new puppy, Abby.

The needed laughing and snowball fighting was truly a balm to the grieving hearts.

Sledding was also fun down the driveway. The kids never seem to mind that the hill isn't fast and furious but is just adequate to provide the right amount of fun for the kids.

The cleansing snow seemed to brighten all of our days and I feel as though God answered our prayers with such a delightful and wonderous blessing.

Some would bemoan the snow and the havoc it can cause. But for me and my house, we say, God bless you and praise be to the Lord Almighty.
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