Friday, March 21, 2008

Lasting Sadness: When will the Grief End?

Even today, as cheery as I've been feeling, especially with Spring in full force around me, I get touches of sadness that bring my spirit to tears and remind me of the loss of our beloved Lucky. You'd think that with plants in bloom, cherry blossoms around the neighborhood, the sun shining brightly in the heavens, grass growing green at my feet that my spirit would be ever lifted up. Yet, I get reminders of an absent friend and I sink back down in sorrow.

I recognize that grieving takes time and when you've put in time to cultivate a friendship it's not always going to allow you to just wrap up and move on. Many individuals, from work's "cubeless" network of friends, to blogosphere friends to non-virtual friends, have expressed their profound condolences at our loss. This has greatly helped as empathy works miracles through expressions of veiled love and understanding.

However, the grief returns at glimpses, despairing the heart and making me long to have my Lucky back. Our youngest child, nearly daily, cries for the loss of our friend. I've somewhat been callous to her dedicated mourning, believing it to be a form of attention seeking. But the more I reflect on even a child's loss of a friend, I can see that her grief is real, just as is mine.

When will the grief end? Will it only be relieved when we're reunited in a more eternal form?
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