Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lucky Loss Not So Lucky

What an emotional few days for our family as we contemplate and take action towards putting our dog down. My wife posted a fabulous tribute to our friend on her blog (click here) that has brought me to tears and cause me to feel a bit melancholy at work. I posted a note on our intranet at work asking for grieving helps on putting animals down and have received and overwhelming outpouring of sadness and personal loss which just makes the whole thing that much harder.

I certainly haven't been the best pet owner but I dearly love this silly dog. He is our truest companion and to imagine family life without him is quite bitter. Tomorrow is the day and I dread the whole day, not just for myself but my whole family.

But life is like that. Some say that the only thing you can count on in life is death and everyone must deal with it sometime and somehow. I've been very fortunate (or not so depending upon your perspective) to not have lost too many loved ones in my life. I've lost my grandparents and most of my wife's grandparents. I've lost at least one friend and helped others grieve over the loss of their children.

Lucky is a different case. It has fallen on our shoulders to judge his quality of life as being so miserable as to put him down or keep him around for our sake. That kind of judgement is so literally heart wrenching that it gives me a glimpse, ever so finite, of what God must suffer for all of His children and beloved creations. But in His infinite wisdom and grace He takes His creations unto Himself and relieves the suffering and grieve. In my situation, I must say goodbye and live with the humane decision of letting go.

While I know that this loss is so terribly un-lucky, it is also what God expects of His children as He has given us dominion over the beasts of the field, to take care of and love His creations. We will miss Lucky terribly and love him dearly.
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