Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Possible Publishing Opportunity

No joke, this really happened. The post below about the idiotic business travelers was written by a journalist/columnist from the New York Times. I wrote her an e-mail stating that I enjoyed the article and asked permission to quote from it. She replied that I could do what I wanted and if I had any business travel exploits to send them her way. She was looking for some non-NYC experiences and must have noticed this blog is from a Texan (sort of) and thought something new would work.

I wrote her the previous post and got an immediate response. She sent me her # with the offer to interview, re-write the story into NYT speak and publish it in the next 3 weeks. I called her immediately, surprised by the invitation. I had missed in her instructions to call in 2 weeks but our conversation was pleasant and I was committed to calling in 2 weeks with the following expected outcome:

-a 15 minute interview to review the story
-a draft of the story from her
-send to her a digital photo of myself to submit with the story
-publication of the story in one the world's most renowned and well distributed media (not sure if it will be print or just web based)

Gratitude can go a long way and today it took me to the American heart of columnist. We'll see how this all pans out in the end. But for now, I'm pretty dang excited.
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