Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Emcee Jitters or Just Excited?

I volunteered an idea for our annual corporate charitable event thinking someone would pick up on the idea, run with it and it would generate a token charitable amount. Little did I know that it would be picked up, I would lead the committee and ultimately emcee the event.

The event starts in just a little over an hour and I must admit I have the pre-event shakes. Is it the excitement of the event? Is it the fact that I'll be on a stage above my peers asking executives of the company to participate in disgusting and potentially stomach rumbling stunts? Am I nervous?

Admittedly, I usually do get a touch of the nerves when addressing any large group. Typically so when the content of which I'm delivering is unfamiliar or unrehearsed. Today both are true.

But the event should be fun, should raise a min of nearly $4000 for the National MS Society and I'm happy to participate in this worthy event.

Will post a re-cap after and hopefully have some pictures to post as well.
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