Friday, October 03, 2008

My Wife is Back...

...and luckily I'm not in trouble...Hey la, hey la, my wife is back.

OK, cheesy, but I'm pretty grateful my dearest friend, wife and lover has returned home. The kids are ecstatic, the dog is bad to her waggity self, the house is clean and I have the day off. How perfect.

Her flight was a little early last night and she called as I was not a quarter of the distance to the airport. A little anticipation never hurt anyone ;)

What a sweet reunion last night as she went from each child to dog greeting them with a kiss. Each member of the family was so grateful to have the center of their lives back home again.

After sending the kids off to school, we popped in a movie for L and sacked out (late night from a late flight). Felt good to catch some extra zzzz's. Around 10am we took a walk and bike ride (L or her bike) to the park where I got in a lazy run. R rode the little bike home which caused her thighs to burn.

It's been so nice to have little to do, just spending time with each other.

Welcome home! You've been greatly missed.
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