Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life is Like a River

Yes, I stole the line from Garth but after last night's adventure with the Boy Scouts it reminded of this simple truth. October in Texas is like most summer days in the Seattle area. The air is humid, temp is in the mid to upper 70s, the river water is cool but not unbearable and life just seems right. As we worked on the canoeing merit badge with 5 boys, 1 that had previously earned it, the concept of this song came to me. The river, at times was docile, placid, almost like a lake that has no direction or current. It would neither drift the canoe nor send it to a particular destination: the paddler of the canoe had to will the canoe to move through action. At other moments, currents would push the canoe in the direction it wanted and the paddler choose to either ride it through or push against the current, depending upon the desired location.

As I personally struggled with the current, the force alone, solo in the canoe, was tiring, draining and I felt helpless. But the challenge was not more than I could bare. I had the strength to overcome the current and make my way back up stream where my patrol was gathered. Just as in life, temptations come at me yet I know none of them will be too great for me to overcome in the Lord. Had I yielded to the currents of temptation, I could have played a repentance card, got out of the current, hefted the weight of the canoe back up river to calm waters, and started again. That would only have been achieved with the Lord as the burden would have been too great on my own.

Moral is, when riding life's river, "ever changing as it goes," be alert, stay clear of the rapids and avoid the currents of temptation. When lost, broken or dashed upon by the rocky sins, utilize the Great Redeemer's Atoning Blood and begin your trek again, renewed, refreshed and ready to face the ongoing battle on the river of life!

Btw, all of the boys earned the Merit Badge, none were lost and we had a great time :)
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