Friday, October 24, 2008

Friends Forever? or How to Lose a Friend Conundrum

Are you into the social networking scene? If not, it may be different to understand the premise of Scott Brown's antagonistic article on Friendonomics. But the gist is if you once ever wrote in a year book "Friends Forever" and with relief looked back years later that the relationship had petered out, a reversal of fortune may be knocking at your door.

The era of petabyte storage (that's super super huge) and farms of computer servers that can store everything from your last toe nail clipping to your personal appointments to the hair club for men is upon us and losing a friend is nearly impossible. Social networks, especial those that cross polinate through OpenID, are making long lost friends accessible to your fingertips. They don't fade from your access: EVER!

But is that bad? Don't you want that social connection? Read the article for an amusing reality check on how you'll never lose a friend again, for good or bad.

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