Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Run, Great Company

I decided last night I would take today off from work as the kids are off from school in observance of Columbus Day. Uh, yeah. We observe Columbus Day here. I guess any reason is a good one to skip school and subsequently take the day off from work :)

My wife and I got up and took a good run this morning. I haven't take a run with her for quite some time and our pace was just above an 8 minute mile which is not too shabby. We did just over a 5K and our 5K check-in time was the best she's posted. Very encouraging.

The best part about the run was just having her near me and spending some self-improvement time together. There was no competition, just mutual enjoyment (we have a history of competition to the point of things being no fun). The weather was superb with cloud cover, a slight breeze, temps in the 60s and a little humid. My body felt great, no sore muscles/joints (especially my knee), cardio was where it should be and my spirits were lifted.

So for the workout-adverse individuals reading this post, take a moment to evaluate the goodness that can come through moderate levels of exercise; the endorphin rush alone should be a good motivator. Do it for your loved ones. Do it for your self. Just Do It!
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