Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rideshare Opens Door for Good Gospel Discussion

The past couple of days a co-worker friend and I have bantered on about different gospel topics and the conversations have personally been stimulating and thought provoking (thanks David!). It's always nice to find individuals that share a passion for talking about the gospel and sharing the good news.

After a huge rainstorm Tuesday prevented my friend from riding home on his motorcycle, he asked if I could bring him into work this morning, the first possibly clear day since the storms. What resulted was a great 30+ continuous geo-poly-religious discussion that left us both edified. While neither of us claim membership in the same Christian faith, the fundamental truths and doctrines are eternal and are common. What was confirmed, yet again, about these types of discussions, is the fruit gained, while from the spirit, intellectually is satisfying because the blinders of ignorance towards each others beliefs were shed.

At times its easy to be consumed with one's own beliefs and ignore other's interests and passions, especially when it is presumed they differ from your own. Open communication in non-threatening atmospheres reveal more common ground and tend to help strength your own core beliefs. A great question that my friend asked was "What is the point of the Book of Mormon?" to which I promptly responded "to testify of Christ." Now, what impact or thoughts this stimulated in my friend I'm unsure (maybe he'll comment here), but personally the revelation of such a simple truth is liberating. While this truth has never been lost on me, it does beg the question how personally impactful the Book of Mormon is in my life.

The answer: life altering. The Book of Mormon helps define who I am and my relationship with God for the following reasons:
  • I feel the Spirit when I read and study God's word through not only the Bible but also the Book of Mormon
  • The Book of Mormon, as only accepted by the LDS church, establishes a commitment in me to the church
  • I have multiple recorded witnesses that Christ is the Savior
  • I know that the covenants of ancient time are being fulfilled and have yet to be fulfilled.
  • I know that we have prophets today to guide us, not just the Spirit of Prophecy, but divine guidance for the whole kingdom.
These are just some of the truths I can relate through this one question. How nice to start the day off right and to share it with a friend.

What conversations have come your way through your rideshare plan?
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