Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Car is Feeling Displaced

In an AP post, Chrysler may be dismember and sold in pieces to other companies. As I drive a Sebring Convertible, my car must be feeling a bit frustrated by this announcement. In the past, many parts in Chryslers were from Mitsubishi. With it's purchase by Mercedes Benz, my vehicle seemed to ride a little taller, shine a little brighter. Now with the disparaging news that it may become a Nissan or a GM, it's feeling a little lost.

In brighter news, the coughing/wheezing sound it recently experience post engine swap has been fixed. A leaky exhaust hose was the culprit. It now purrs as it did pre-engine problems. Even with the transplant, it hums around as though it were a Benz ;)
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