Thursday, January 29, 2009

All Nighter Completed, Mostly

I just spent the last night in a data center in Allen, TX moving my companies whole server farm from one rack set to another 15+ feet away. That seems like a small accomplishment but considering we were down with a knife cutover/outage, it was a risky move. I had never previously participated in such a move before and it was an interesting experience.

I've now been up for well over 24 hours (my kids were up before 6AM yesterday in order to sled on the ice on the driveway) and for a bit I was having a bad case of the "bob and nod" while we waited for our servers to come back online. But now I've gained my second wind which is a good thing as I still have a drive home. Unfortunately, we're experience "freezing fog" here in North Texas which has reduced visibility to 1/4 mile and it's thick enough that the windshields out in the parking lot are frozen. Should be a fun drive home.

It's been quite some time since I stayed up over 24 hrs and I'm interested to see how my body, and more importantly, my emotions will handle the stress over the next day. I'll be consciously aware of my interactions with my family as I'm sure I'll tend to be grumpy. So I apologize in advance of any short tempers that may flare and promise to do my best to minimize my foul disposition.

When was the last time you stayed up over 24 hrs and how did your body react?
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