Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time: A Commodity of Reflection

Have you ever looked forward to an event with such righteous anxiety that you nearly burst? Has there been a time when you fiercely wished time would fly by so that you could enjoy something else? Ever watched the clock tick on repetitively and thought that time was just standing still?

The concept of time is really quite remarkable. In software, we often calculate events, or forecast, based on units of time. Any decent soft audit trail has some sort of time stamp that gives value to the relative position of the event. Reporting is usually based upon time events. Forecasts all incorporate models of time.

What makes time such a valued, coveted, and even obsessive commodity? I'm not sure I have all of the answers but having experienced a few units of time myself, I'm beginning to comprehend the value of time. Bare with me as my brain dumps out a few thoughts.

Time is relative to the amount we've previously experienced. If you're a 2 year old, waiting another year for your birthday is projecting half of your life and then 1/3 of your life once you reach the birthday. In comparison to an 80 year old waiting a year, it's like eternity compared to light speed.

Time, once lost, can never be re-captured but can only be cherished if fully experienced in the moment.

Reflection of past moments contributes to the ability to cherish them moving forward. Have you ever noticed that if you don't think about an experience, it is virtually erased from your short term and possibly long term memory?

Looking forward to a moment can create imprints on your past memories in that once you experience something longed for, the level of interest was so high it was sure to be remembered and therefore reflected upon.

How are you dealing with time? What does it reflect on you?

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