Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year's Fun

With cool events like New Year's Eve blogged about the whole world over, it's almost a pity that I didn't mentioned the festivities we enjoyed while ringing in the New Year. We were blessed to have our children's friends join us for the evening and one spent the night. Each child had a friend which made it perfect as no one felt left out. I of course had my best friend and we had a sleep over too (was that TMI?).

Between dance dance, games of Risk and Perfection, and plenty of good food, the evening zoomed by.

After returning from the airport where I dropped my friend off on his way to meet his family in Utah (and to drive them home (how was that drive Michael?)), I found the family and friends couched out watching a movie to which I was sure they'd all crash just hours before the big moment. Hehe. It was I that nodded off and woke about 45 minutes before the dawn of the new year graced the land of Texas.

Just before the moment, a couple of the friends' parents arrived and welcomed the new year with us. The new year arrived amidst the sound of fireworks and cheers. 'A' tried grabbing a new pot to bang but after a stern look of "don't you dare" he relented.

How did you spend your New Years?

Happy New Year!
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