Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sacrifice: A Component to Success

Talk to any entrepreneur (a successful one at least), any coach, natural leader or ecclesiastical leader and you'll find that sacrifice is a key component to success. The theme of personal sacrifice has been on the forefront of my mind lately as I transition from a more laid back approach to my career to ramping up with a new company and contributing in a meaningful way to the success of my new team.

Sacrifice can be categorized in different ways, especially when you're looking at your job. You may spend less time on research and more on tasks if your path is fixed on delivering items with a quick time to market. You may sacrifice personal conveniences or interests in order to research more. Time with your loved ones may become sacrificed in order to deliver and dedicate more time for work.

While sacrifice is a key component to success, I find myself evaluating the balance between sacrifice and the need to preserve what is most precious. I once told a manager (back in Vegas), "I work in order to have a life as work is not my life." It is easy to see how one can rationalize the amount of sacrifice offered for the good of the work when what matters most, or what is of value, is cast aside.

Some things I've found my sacrificing lately include: the amount of time I'll be able to dedicate to coaching soccer, a bit of time with my family in the evenings (I've missed a few dinners already), I've already given up indoor soccer for a time (but the reason is multi-faceted).

What I will not give up include but are not limited to: personal faith in the Lord and worship of Him, family spiritual development, exercise, my relationship to my wife and serving her.

What do you sacrifice and why?
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