Friday, January 30, 2009

Relaxing Weekend Ahead - Focus: Spirit & Body

The next 48+ hours will be dedicated to spending time revitalizing my spiritual and physical self. Why the focus? Well, it's not really but I'll be consuming my fair amount of each through recreation with my family and several spiritual events.

Tomorrow I'll participate in a few baptismal services, both 8 year olds and adults as well as provide a brief sermon or talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost. Through these experiences I'll draw closer to the Lord and testify of His love and goodness.

I'll intersperse these spiritual events with a soccer practice and physical stress through running which is wonderful to reset my focus on both the body and spirit.

Sunday will be devoted to spiritual growth and rest. The growth will come through communion with the Lord in worship and study of His word. As it's the first of the month, our congregation will join with 13+ million LDS members worldwide in fasting and prayer during this worship (can't guarantee all will actually be fasting but it's the only membership number I have to work with :) ). The experience of fasting is a powerful practice that both cleanses the body and focuses the spirit on the goodness of God through personal sacrifice. I look forward to this experience.

Throughout all of these events, my family will be with me and that is a great blessing. As this week has been long and at times spent away from them, having them near me, holding my children and expressing gratitude for each of them in a meaningful and singular way provides great strength and comfort to me.

How will you spend your weekend? Body? Spirit? Otherwise?
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