Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blind to the World and Lovin' It

Have you ever stepped back from your daily routine, evaluated what really matters and then re-prioritized how you spend your time? I can't say I've consciously made this bold leap recently but my time at work has caused me to scale back on the unnecessary. To an extend I guess how I filter and what I allow in are living proof that prioritizing what matters to me is of concern.

As my time is limited, I've recently cut myself off from the gossip pages (yeah, I've been an entertainment junkie), sorted news and YouTube. The world and it's despair hold little value for me. I prefer the greater goods of my family, relationships with acquaintances, service in the church and scouts and my obligations as a soccer association board member.

Now, do I spend too much time watching TV? Admittedly, yes. Last night I even tweeted about the lack of content when I am watching vs. abundant content when I'm not and how a DVR would be nice. I had plenty of responses on Facebook about people preference and times reliance on TiVo or other DVR's. Guys, I was kidding. TV is just a passing of signals that holds little value to my life. Does it hold more than some intrinsic value to yours?

Is it all that bad to be blind as to what is happening in our world? TV, Internet, newspapers, magazines: all common forms of delivering content to the masses. I even work for a content supplier to mobile phones. But what is it that we're ingesting or choosing to consume? What value does it hold in our lives? If it not "virtuous, lovely, of good report or praiseworthy", why seek after it?

What content do you let into your soul? Is it worth it?
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