Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Gift Come Early

Yes, it's still 2 days before Thanksgiving so how could a Christmas gift possibly come this early? And what could the gift possibly be?

Last night the family teamed up with the LaFleur family and knocked each door on our coldesac street. The children asked our neighbors for canned goods that can be donated to the local food pantry. With just hours before one of the largest meal days in the US, the simple service of our two families and the generosity of our neighbors provided a much needed gift to the local needy of our community.

I'm writing this to not pat our families on the back but to make the readers of this blog aware of the dire straights many find themselves in. It's easy to believe, especially in areas of affluence, that everyone is well taken care of and that there are no poor around us. When our friends delivered the donated food stuff to the pantry, there was little parking and little on the shelves. Every little donation makes a difference.

Need a good holiday service project? Just ask your neighbors to donate and then drop off even the smallest amount of food at your local pantry. It all helps!
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