Monday, November 10, 2008

Physical Soccer Ends Season For Boys

This last Saturday, my boys played their most physical matches to date and both results were less than desirable. One team's season ended while the other's hopes for a top 3 placement were destroyed.

My younger son's team came up short with a 1-2 loss and lets just say I was less than thrilled with the ref crew and the opposing team's coaching. The team was aggressively, and recklessly, physical. They came in hard, taking out my players' legs from behind with few if any calls from the young ref crew. The final seconds ended with my player taken out once again in the penalty area but the ref refused to call the foul and the game ended. This is the 2nd time this season where this occurred and it's frustrating that the lack of experience dictated penalties to our team. But such is life in competition and dealing with frustrating losses is a part of the game.

My older son's team likewise was dealt a blow of 2-5 loss despite working very hard to secure the win. The other team was carded at least once but should have had a player ejected and other players carded. My son was kicked in the face on a high kick with no cards thrown, was battered throughout the game and ultimately came off the field in tears over the reckless play of the opposing team. In the final seconds of the game he incurred an injury to his wrist which after consulting with a less than capable physician in a CareNow clinic was determined to have a wrist sprain.

While one of my son's season ended in physical play and a final game, the other was possibly ended through physical play and an injury. Neither markedly were frustrated to the point of giving up on the sport and were likely more bolstered to continue. But was is frustrating is how the season has ended for each team. Hopefully in another few months we'll pick up the pieces and carry on. But for now, it's time to heal, train, count our blessings for the talents and health we possess and move on.
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