Friday, November 07, 2008

Open Wi-Fi Criminal Post Turns Political Hootnaney

As an avid reader of tech blogs, I found the title "Yet Another WiFi-Borrowing Criminal Caught" to be intriguing and worth reading. The premise of the article was that a criminal using an open Wi-Fi connection posted a Craigslist request for day labors to be dressed in a specific manner, to which he matched, and wait in front of a bank. He then robbed the bank during the specified meeting hour and it left local police with a harrowning detective work. However, despite the ploy he was caught. Article over.

What I found extremely odd about the post was the follow up comments that carried on for nearly 3 hours after the post. It wasn't on the technicality of the robbery or the forensics involved in the solving of the case. It wasn't surrounding open Wi-Fi and how it is perceived as a scourge to law enforcement. It wasn't about the case being solved by other means (eyewitness got the robber's wife's license plate).

The general commentary on the article was around Americans bemoaning the outcome of the presidential election and a general melay of meaness surrounding reproduction and idiocy. The "hootnaney" as one commenter puts it, was indicative of the turmoil this country is facing. While I support the constitution and the freedom of expression, especially the press, I also agree with one commenter that if you give them enough rope...

Will it take 4 years to calm emotions of race, politics, and gender over wins/losses regarding race, politics and gender? Does anyone else find our current cultural state ironic?
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