Friday, November 21, 2008

Unknown Future Demands More Prayer, More Faith

Ever have that feeling like something big is about to happen? Ever get that knot in your stomach when change is evident in the future? I'm personally not change averse, but it does tend to creep up on me like an insidious shadow that consumes my thoughts and nearly all of my existence.

I'm currently in that state of flux where the winds of change seem to be blowing in my direction. The knee portions of my clothes are receiving even more wear. My heart is humbled by expressions of hope and faith around me. And through it all, I still feel unsettled and likely will for many months to come.

So if you're a praying individual, mind tossing up a few for me over the next while? If you're not a praying person, mind starting and expressing some heart felt requests on my behalf?

Need some your way? Let me know and I'll be happy to add you to what seems like a fast growing list.
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