Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Own a Portion of the Mets Stadium

Wow! I just read some great news. It didn't come from my investor (don't have one) and it's not coming from my national congress persons (like the PC persona). I read about it in this Reuters article and I'm so excited to know that I personally will own New York Met's stadium.

In case you couldn't detect my sarcasm, Citigroup, which is currently cutting 75 thousands jobs and won a $326B bailout from the federal government, is continuing with their naming rights of the new ball park for $400 million. So since the bailout money is coming from the tax payers, and I'm a tax payers, do I not get a portion of this stadium naming rights through ownership? Granted, my small and meager contribution through taxes should make my ownership equal to about 1 seat every 5th season. I'm cool with that.
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