Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Proposition 8: Backlash or Successful PR?

If you read any of the tech blogs/micro-blogs (which is just about all I read) you'll see a very strong abhorrence to the California State backed Proposition 8 and some are already decrying appeal to the Supreme Court to make the ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. While the proposition has not officially been called as passed, many are whining about the supposed success of the measure.

In the results under the available races here, you can see how the counties voted on the proposition. It's really no surprise where the measure was defeated in which counties and by what margin.

So where does the backlash enter? The LDS church and other more strict conservative Christians have pushed hard to pass this bill through donations, publicity and general outspokenness. While the defeat of the measure would have been devastating, the passing of it has consequences as well. With a measure this close, it is likely the proposition will go to the Supreme Court and as of late the courts have been liberal on constitutional rights. Also, personal attacks against the proponents of the measure, including the LDS Church at large, are surely to occur.

But all is not doom and gloom. Through positive and negative PR, the Church has always continued to grow. PR is generally a good thing as it enables people who were previously either aloof to matters or undecided to further ponder their affairs and make a change. This instance is no different. People will look at the issue, who sponsored what angle, decide where they fall under the spectrum of choices and align themselves with what they feel is right. Promoting goodness, as defined by God's law, will certainly bring about positive growth for the church.

So from a certain perspective, whether backlash or successful PR, the Church wins with the passing of this proposition. Time will tell just how long the proposition holds up and the state of the union under these self-defining laws.
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