Friday, January 11, 2008

Anecdotes on Fun-Spirited Children

I was reading this post and couldn't help but remember our own near death experience with 2 of our children.

We had just moved to Las Vegas, literally arriving the day before. We were extremely exhausted from a frantic move; packed up Friday night and loaded the van in Santaquin, UT on my B-Day, drove to Vegas Saturday and unpacked that night with the help of our Elder's Quorum, missionaries and Bishop, I'm not sure whether we attended the ward that next day or not but do recall unpacking for quite some time Sunday. We were pooped. My wife and I decided to give it a break and catch a quick nap. I'm not sure whether we thought our kids were doing the same (had 3 at the time) but we woke up to our dog Lucky frantically pacing in our room.

When I awoke from a good, sound sleep, I noticed in my haze, a whitish dog where we had once had a chocolate lab. "Odd," I thought. Upon further inspection, the whiteness was not enveloping the dog but merely dusted on him. I alerted the wife and we cautiously made our way from the bedroom to the kitchen.

At first glance I was furious. But the fury quickly turned into hilarity and choked back giggles as I took in the full scene. Our children had creatively made their own sandbox out of flour they had obtained from our food storage (then stored in BYU Creamery buckets). They were covered in flour. The counters were dusted. The floor had a heap of flour and I'm sure they had tractors and hotwheels in the middle of the mound. The dog had come to rat them out, likely out of fear of what might come next (so loyal).

We cleaned up the mess, but not without taking pictures first. I'll see if I can't dig out those pics and post them in a follow up.

Seems that after the clean up job we fooled ourselves into thinking we could extend our rest just a bit. They got out the flour again and made a tiny mess. Serves us right to think we could alay the responsibility of putaway when there clearly were fun things for the kids to be doing.
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