Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Goodbye Kitty

Today is a sad day at the Hanson home. It was decided that our kitty for 1.5 years must be given away. This decision came as a result of her peeing on our furniture (including ruining an easy chair and working on a couch) and laundry, scratching our youngest and worst of all biting her hard enough to break the skin.

Regardless, all of the family is broken hearted and a bit down cast. The boys broke down at the news and our oldest girl just melted into sobs. My wife has been in a guilt trap all day. I feel like the evil one here as I complained the loudest and most often about the pee smell, made it sounds like the cat needed to be disposed of in short order and that I was too busy to do it.

I know over time the hearts of the family will heal and hopefully we'll love again (and hopefully the next animal will love us back). But for now, I bid adieu.

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