Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fort Worth Stockyards: Family Fun & Picture Day

Yesterday was truly a fun-filled day. In the morning the family started the festival of fun by cleaning. Yep, cleaning. Not only did the downstairs get scoured but both of the boy's rooms got overhauled (meaning completely reorganized and cleaned out completely). Unfortunately we never made it to the girls' room and our oldest insisted on doing it herself...which means it wasn't even close to being clean. But the upstairs for the most part was beautiful (not so much this evening).

At 1pm our youngest son had his soccer match which they lost by one point; a real nail biter right down to the end. The good news is we were missing a key player and we play the same team again next week so it should be another great match.

We decided to treat the kids to a little getaway fun by going just a few miles down the road to the Fort Worth Stockyards. We had never before gone to this Texas historic site and I really didn't know what to expect other than cattle and maybe some cowboy-ish stuff. What we found was...cattle and some cowboy-ish stuff. Also, some good looking restaurants, over-priced vendors looking to make a buck off of the tourist just because they could, bikers (not sure how they fit in with the stockyards) and some old sheep/pig subways. We also found some great backgrounds to take pictures.

In anticipation of great picture taking moments we took our digital with us and really made the afternoon into a "must take a great picture" event with the kids. The good thing about our kids is they rarely tire of having their picture taken. Below are some of the examples.

I had some video of the cattle drive but the clip is apparently too long for youtube (not sure how that could be as I've seen 8 - 10 minute clips up there and this is far shorter than that but the compression may not be as good and therefore is too large). I'll see about converting the codec into something else and see if I can upload a smaller version.

After we left the Stockyards we went to Chili's near our home to catch some dinner (thank you Rochelle for the gift card for watching the pooch). Why would I possibly be writing about Chili's? Well, how often do you wait in a semi-fast food joint for over an hour for your food? We did. And the strange thing about it is we really didn't mind. The kids were great. No complaints. Our oldest kept giving us updates about the Packers/Seahawks game that was being played in the snow so we'd occasionally grab glimpses of the game while we waited. The server brought out drinks and refills along with chips and salsa, on the house. We really didn't mind the wait. In fact, I secretly was hoping it would take a bit longer as a movie was starting later and if we ate too quickly we'd be too early for the film (we still were too early and decided against it). When the meal finally came we were famished and it probably tasted even better than it should have.

We went home and played some games and just finished out the day with a great feeling of family time.
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