Thursday, January 17, 2008

Health and Wellness Appreciation

I failed to express my gratitude yesterday for the renewed health I am enjoying since my bout with bronchitis and even longer my knee surgery. While neither my knee or lungs are fully functional yet, I sure do appreciate being about to breathe deeper and run faster.

Last night I enjoyed another indoor soccer match where our team narrowly squeaked an 8-5 victory ;) For the first time in over a year I felt confident I could contribute to the team. I played defense and midfield the whole game and while I played only 1 goal was scored against us. Not bad. I felt like I contributed much better than the previous games of this season, playing longer and making more solid, in this case, disruptive plays to break up the opposing team's attacks.

On a side note, my oldest son's team came away with a 5-3 victory which they've longed for since the beginning of their season. The key to their success was great passing on the offense and solid defensive plays. Way to go American Strikers!
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