Friday, January 11, 2008

I Appreciate...

I love this post from my wife on appreciation and the sweet anecdote from our youngest daughter.

Appreciation is often hard to deliver but almost always deservedly received well. Wouldn't it be a more uplifting world if we could look at what is good in others, tell how much we appreciate it, and live to deserve more appreciation in our lives (whether it is received or not)?

Maybe I should randomly, and daily, write a worldly appreciation and see if it makes any difference.

Here's today's...

I appreciate...George Lucas for giving me hours of imaginative, escape driven entertainment that is somewhat thought provoking and philosophical. StarWars is still, despite the miserable realization that EPIII was PG-13, my most favorite franchise of all time, from movies, to technology, to video games (I bought the Complete Saga for my kids' Nintendo DS and likely got carpal tunnel from it). Way to go George.
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