Sunday, January 13, 2008

Teaching Darts: I Got Schooled

In Las Vegas years ago, my office mates would play a lot of darts in the office. Real metal tipped darts. Everyone pretty much had their own set of darts and we took it pretty serious. Many of the guys played in the local pubs and the competition was pretty intense. Many over-the-top discussion occurred during game play and often stalled the progression of the game. But the comradeship was nice and it was a unifying activity.

Since moving to Texas I've not experience this kind of friendly competition and I've missed the daily, and sometimes multiple times a day, games of darts. That all changed last night.

After most of the kids went to bed, I took a moment to explain the rules of a couple of games of darts to my oldest son. I had previously played a game with my wife but being scorched by her I figured I maybe should give up on a past passion. But to no avail, I proceeded with my son and had a great time watching him pick up, nearly instantly, to the ease of tossing darts.

What surprised me the most in the first game of "around the world" is my son was on my heels most of the game. I had to really focus to stay ahead of him. After the first game he was hooked and he asked to play again. He stepped up and on his first throw hit 1, 2, and 3 and just had the biggest grin of, "O.K., try to top that Dad!" knowing I would struggle to even the score, which I didn't. He led the whole game, allowing me to only catch up a couple of times to then pull ahead. I finally caught him and passed him on the 20, to which he answered to tie the game. I figured I had him at that point because he wasn't much of a bullseye thrower, but to my surprise, with his second dart he ended the game, leaving me with both a hope for more games and a profound disappointment of my defeat.

So today's gratitude moment is this: I'm grateful that I have a son that is interested in yet another common activity and can provide me with competition that is both equal and enjoyable!
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